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Puppy School

Hello Bundabella Community! Welcome to our second blog post, where we will be talking about the importance of puppy school! It is important to begin puppy school from a young age- ideally from 12 weeks old and once your puppy is fully vaccinated ( see our previous blog post for more information regarding vaccinations) Puppy school is important so it can teach your puppy basic training tactics such: - Basic commands such as sit, drop, stay, leave it - Calm behaviour around other animals and humans - Good manners- not jumping - Tips on toilet training - Safely walking on a leash - And tips for owners in general care such as effective communication, diet and how to maintain good behaviour The best method of training is reward based training; this is not limited to treats/ food. Good behaviour can be rewarded with praise and excitement as well as pats. It is important to remember that owners should not reward bad behaviour such as jumping and biting otherwise this can continue for their entire lives. Puppy school is most encouraged between 8-16 weeks of age, once your puppy is fully vaccinated. At this stage in your puppy’s life, it is when they are at their most developmental stage and will learn habits such as commands for their entire lives. Finding locations for puppy schools can be tricky, it is best to attend puppy schools in a controlled environment where your puppy can gain the most confidence such as a veterinary clinic where it will also teach your puppy that going to the vet is a positive experience and not a negative one. Below is a list of some highly rated puppy schools in Victoria: - Commans Dog Training School - Positive K9 Training - Pet Pursuits Dog Training - Good Dog Behaviour and Training - D.O.G.S of Vic Below is a list of highly recommended puppy schools in NSW: - Crazy Kind Calm Dog Training - Dogs with Attitude - Team K9 Training - Canine Counselling by Mark That’s all for this blog post, if you happen to have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to the Bundabella Team or even ask your local Vet

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