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Summer Safety

Hello Bundabella community! This blog post will be covering all things summer safety!

Components such as:

- When it’s too hot to walk your dog

- Dehydration & the signs

- Snakes

- Fireworks

When is it too hot to walk my dog? In the summer it gets extremely hot as we all know, when the ground is too hot for your own bare feet the ground is far too hot to be walking your puppy. Best times to walk your dog in summer is when the sun has set and the end of the day and the ground is cooler, or early morning before the sun gets extremely hot. Also be cautious if your backyard has concrete to make sure it is either shaded or not too hot for their paws, if your dog needs a space to escape the heat the laundry or somewhere with tiles is a good place for them to lay down and cool off

Signs of dehydration in dogs: When your puppy is not drinking enough water especially on hot days and are highly active it is very likely for them to become dehydrated. Signs that your dog may be dehydrated include:

- Loss of appetite

- Vomiting / diarrhea

- Excessive panting

- Dry nose

- Dry gums

If your puppy becomes extremely dehydrated it is best recommended to take them to your closest vet, to try and increase their water intake and reduce their activity in the heat and let them be in a cool place such as the laundry or bathroom. Dogs also love ice cubes and can be used as a tactic to rehydrate them; they may choose to either lick them or chew them but regardless it is a great trick to get them to have some water.


It is snake season in Australia! As the heat increases the snakes will become more active. They tend to hide in long grass and shrubs but can also come out and about wherever a good hiding place arises. If you happen to run into a snake, I am best to not engage and head the other direction. If you or your puppy happens to be bitten it is best to head to the emergency department and receive adequate treatment, there. More information about snakes can be found online or ask your vet.

Fireworks: As we head into the new year and lots of celebrations occur it is best to remember that animals- especially dogs do not react well to the fireworks! The loud noises will scare the dogs so best to keep them inside and make sure they are not too scared by the noises, give them lots of comfort and know the scary noises will pass soon.

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