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Why Choose Cavoodles?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the July 2023 Bundabella Puppies blog post! This month we are discussing why to choose Cavoodles as your family pet/ first time pet!

Cavoodles are a fantastic, incredibly loyal and gentle tempered dog that thrive on people orientated nature! Cavoodles are a great family pet, for those families with younger or older kids. Cavoodles match their owners energy when, Whether Mum or Dad are sitting on the couch watching TV- your Cavoodle will tend to come and sit with you and cuddle up and enjoy some downtime, however if the kids come into the room and they want to take your puppy for a walk or play in the backyard with toys, your Cavoodle will not hesitate to come and join them for playtime! Cavoodles are a great family pet as they show everyone in the family affection and will be great companions in times of need!

If it is your families first pet and you want a lower maintenance dog that does not shed and does not grow too big in size a cavoodle is a great fit for your family!

Cavoodles can be an incredibly intelligent breed! Alongside with them learning basic life commands such as:

- Sit

- Stay

- Where their bathroom is

- Who their owners are

They can also learn to be incredible companions for those with special needs! Cavoodles gentle nature makes them be incredible therapy and companion dogs, we here at Bundabella Puppies have had some of our cavoodles grow up to be amazing therapy dogs for those with mental health issues and other disabilities.

Cavoodles are an increasingly popular breed not just for their adorable looks but for their social skills! Cavoodles love to be around other humans and dogs and will love being in controlled social settings such as parks and visiting your friends and family.

Cavoodles are becoming increasingly more popular due to their hypoallergenic coats! Hypoallergenic means their coats will not flare up any dog allergies you may have and cavoodles also shed a lot less hair compared to other dog breeds that have coats which shed large amounts. Cavoodle coats are easy to maintain, this can be done so with regular bathing, visits to the groomers and just simple brushing as well! Thank you all for reading this blog post, if you have any other questions or queries about becoming Cavoodle owners feel free to message the lovely Bundabella Team via our Facebook, Instagram or Website!

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